Thursday, November 6, 2008

Electric Motorcycle

Last summer, I started wondering, why are hybrids so expensive?

Why are they so complicated? Isn't there something I could do myself to get a little better fuel economy, not cost a fortune AND have a little fun?

That bit of wondering eventually lead me to build an Electric Motorcycle.

It gets the equivelant of over 300 miles per gallon, and was featured in a video I made early this past summer at a big conference in Washington DC.

The best part? I built the whole thing myself. No waiting for auto manufacturers to come up with something. No waiting for new technology.

Just me, off the shelf parts, and a socket wrench.

I threw together a web page about it a while back. Check that out HERE: 

Here's the video I made about the motorcycle that made it all the way to being shown in front of Congressmen and Senators in Washinton DC.


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