Monday, December 21, 2009

EV Battery Monitoring System

Yesterday, I was able to briefly stop by the Milwaukee Electric Car Club.

Lot's of things were going on - EV motorcycle and Trike construction, conversion of a snow-blower to electric, and some work on the custom battery monitoring system for Tom's AC Dodge Neon.

I just grabbed a quick shot of the LCD Display for the system, next to the computer being used to program it. The "computer" itself is just a tiny circuit board with connections for a monitor, mouse, keyboard, usb, and data in and out. If I remember correctly, it is a Parallax micro-processor.

If you pause the video near the begining, you can see that the display shows information on the voltage of the High and Low voltage systems of the car, monitors temperature in 3 key areas, tracks amperage, and total KWhs used, including keeping track of energy reclaimed from the regenerative braking!

The system was still being tweaked while I was there, but looked like it was almost ready to go.

I will make sure to get a video tour of this monitoring system once it is totally up and running, so you can know all the details on it.

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