Saturday, January 8, 2011

Build Your Own Electric Car - Training DVD

This summer, I found a bit too much time on my hands, due to unemployment from the "Economic Downturn".

Rather than sit on my butt, I made a list of assets:
An Electric Car.
My DIY experience in building it.
A video camera.

And a list of my liabilities:
Money (the lack of.)

So, I got crackin'. I wrote up an outline and script, and went through, on camera, every step it took me to build an electric car.

After editing, converting to DVD, AND adding a companion disc of additional info, I now had BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR: CHEAP!

I did start selling copies of the DVD set this summer, and sales of it allowed me to present on my car at both the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair and the first ever Mother Earth Fair!

I finally got around to making a YouTube Video to promote the instructional video. (Which is at the top!)

I hope you have enjoyed all my YouTube videos and blogging on electric vehicles!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts in DIY clean transportation: my wife, the guys at, the Milwaukee Makerspace and Electric Car Club, my sister for cover design, and super cool guys like Paul, Adam, Darin, and everyone else. You know who you are!